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To Hump A Pillow with Ellen Melon

Mar 31, 2021

How do you talk to your kids about sex? One conversation and done? Or start to lay bread crumbs from when they are young all the way to adolescence? Natajsa Visser has some great solutions and frameworks to help parents get some perspective on the topic. In this episode, we’ll discuss how her parents talked to her about sex – growing up in a religious household – how to approach “the talk” targeting mistakes parents should avoid, what age should your child be dating, how to define love, and hard conversations around pornography and technology — even what to do if your child is sexting.

This was a really eye-opening conversation for me, shining a light on my sexual behavior as a teenager. I realized that a lot of my actions came from a place of seeking external validation and the approval of others. Again, it all comes down to loving yourself. At the same time, I really liked pursuing erotic experiences when I felt like I was providing and guiding the experience. #ControlFreak

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