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To Hump A Pillow with Coach Ellen Melon

Jan 29, 2020

THE PENIS (AND ITS ERECTION) IS NOT THE CENTER OF THE SEXUAL UNIVERSE and we need to stop putting that kind of pressure on penises. In this episode we are discussing erectile dysfunction (also known as ED) with Sex Therapist, Joe Molinari — What is erectile dysfunction and why does it happen? 

Joe has helped couples...

Jan 12, 2020

“The-birds-and-the-bees” — We all know the term, but not all of us got an opportunity to have that conversation. Maybe we talked to a friend. A cousin. A sibling. Some may have even had the stereotypical talk — the one where you sit and wince through an awkward lecture WITH your parent(s). Whatever the case, we...

Jan 7, 2020

Show Description:

While this is a podcast about sex-ed for adults who need help building language in how they talk about sex with their partners and children, it’s also the turn of the year — a very relfective time for lots of people —  and in order to go forward, you gotta look back.

This episode contains a...