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To Hump A Pillow with Coach Ellen Melon

Dec 16, 2020

Wild Raychel is going to tell us all about kink, feitsh, BDSM, and more. Rachel is on the path to becoming a sex & relationship coach specializing in kink & feitshes for people who are looking to get started in BDSM and don’t know where to begin or are intimidated of the community.

She has been experimenting in the...

Dec 3, 2020

In this episode, Rachel Overvoll shares her story of growing up in a religious cult and its oppression of female pleasure, her healing through BDSM, a real example of an erotic consent conversation, and shares her observations and experiences in non-monogamy vs monogamy.

Rachel and I are peers in the Somatica Institute...

Nov 18, 2020

Sexual health is now considered as one of the four pillars of health: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Sexual. In this episode, Dr. Susie Gronski and I discuss the 6 Sexual Health Principles: Consent, Non-Exploitation, Honesty, Shared Values, Protection, Pleasure. She is a physical therapist specializing in male pelvic...

Nov 4, 2020

Leadership. Where is it? Who has it? Where has it gone?

To be a leader you must be courageous — At least that’s what our history books tell us. But what does courage mean? What does it look like? For me, I think it looks like leading with vulnerability and being able to hold myself accountable. In this episode, I...

Oct 30, 2020

Good Boy, Hush (The Femme Domme Call to Arms) by Ellen Melon

  • Produced by Jonah Weingarten and Tony Prestin
  • Music by Jonah Weingarten
  • Lyrics by Ellen Melon
  • Vocals by Ellen Melon
  • Back-up vocals by Mallory Jacobson and Jonah Weingarten
  • Genre: Satire